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Our Story

Started in 2016, we have a focus on simplistic and smart fun for kids. We didn’t plan on going into business together. The more our children grew, we decided we wanted to homeschool our children to give them the best education possible. We also knew we both wanted to have a hands-on role in childraising. We want to enjoy and savor every minute we have with our kids while they are little, and most of all we wanted to enjoy our life and grow together as a family.

Then we were presented with an amazing opportunity, to purchase a booth at the Michigan Renaissance Festival. Paige had been working at the festival in her parent’s family business for over 20 years and practically grew up out there. So, of course, we jumped at the chance to own our own business and booth out there as well (and bonus that it is the booth in-between Paige’s parents’ two booths).

The only problem was it was a wooden toy business, and Paige knew nothing about woodworking, and Tim (although knowing more than Paige) didn’t know much either. We didn’t own a saw and had certainly never tried something as elaborate as this shop sold.

But what we did know was toys. With two children, we were intimately familiar with what children like and how they play. With Paige’s background in education and a love of knowledge and research, we knew we would figure out the how. We already knew the what and why. We saw a lack of simplistic fun and educational toys and products for kids. Especially, ones that were in the least bit affordable.

With the help of the previous owners working with us as our coaches, we started working on the production side of things. Tim found a love of tools and craftsmanship and Paige is hard at work designing new lines of products (and much to their daughters’ enjoyment, they get to test them out). 

Now, with four kids, and plenty of parenting experience and fails under our belts. We are committed to bringing you what we've learned. Without all the lights and batteries, kids learn to use their imagination and critical thinking skills. That's why we are dedicated to bringing you the best simplistic and fun toys out there. Learning should be fun, and fun should be learning 

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